Welcome to Universal Educational & Charitable Trust

The path out of poverty begins when the next generation can access a great EDUCATIONS.

Universal Educational and Charitable Trust was registered as an NGO on july 26, 2018 at the office of the Universal Educational and Charitable Trust (Regd.), Shop no 93, Ward No 3, Old Bassi Road Near Shiv Nanda Public School Morinda, INDIA. The Trust was started with the initial objective of providing educational facilities to the poorest of poor in the society. Over the years the Trust has diversified its interest to include various projects for the benefit of economically weaker and socially neglected people also.


Literacy and social awareness, community health, self realization and self support women liberation and leadership, relief and rehabilitation, empowering and encouraging the people are the Missions of our organisation.

At present our emphasis is on providing free primary education to the children of the poorest of poor; providing health care to the people of weaker sections by conducting medical camps; working for the upliftment of needy poor and neglected children in the surrounding villages.


UNIVERSAL EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST is desirous of taking new initiatives like establishment and maintenance of charitable institutions like Schools, Orphanages, Free Medical centres, old age homes and vocational training centres.


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