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Welcome to Universal Educational & Charitable Trust

The path out of poverty begins when the next generation can access a great EDUCATIONS.

Universal Educational Eharitable Trust was registered as an NGO on july 26, 2018 at the office of the D-1/5 F/F KH NO- 361, GALI NO-3, ASHOK MOHALLA MAUJPUR NEAR RELIANCE FRESH DELHI , INDIA. The Trust was started with the initial objective of providing educational facilities to the poorest of poor in the society. Over the years the Trust has diversified its interest to include various projects for the benefit of economically weaker and socially neglected people also.

Since education is the main focus, Trust is offering free primary education to the children of poor agricultural labourers and to many children in the slums. The students associated with our Trust are offered with opportunities to pursue extra-curricular activities like music, dance and sports. Apart from educational services, the trust periodically conducts medical camps like free eye camp, free dental camps etc., for the benefit of students as well as to other people in the society.


Literacy and social awareness, community health, self realization and self support women liberation and leadership, relief and rehabilitation, empowering and encouraging the people are the Missions of our organisation.

At present our emphasis is on providing free primary education to the children of the poorest of poor; providing health care to the people of weaker sections by conducting medical camps; working for the upliftment of needy poor and neglected children in the surrounding villages.


UNIVERSAL EDUCATION AND CHARITABLE TRUST is desirous of taking new initiatives like establishment and maintenance of charitable institutions like Schools, Orphanages, Free Medical centres, old age homes and vocational training centres.

Our Future Goal

  • In future, we are planning to extend our social service activities in the following fields too.
  • Schools - Nursery, Primary & Matriculation Schools for poor boys & girls
  • Orphanages for boys and girls
  • Free health centres for poor
  • Home for neglected Senior citizens
  • To prevent economic exploitation of girls and children
  • Self employment training centres for poor youth
  • Making women self sufficient by providing appropriate skill training
  • Establishing community hostels to take care of children who continue in school¬†when their parents migrate for employment.
  • Opening of alternative Schools in the Schoool-less habitations.
  • To enhance educational opportunities at all levels and in all forms.
  • Establishing Vocational Training Centres.

Management Team

Avtar Singh
Chairman / Trustee
+91 78884-54414
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Davinder Singh
President / Trustee
+91 99153-94119
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Sant Singh
Treasure / Trustee
+91 99885-48563
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Ishwar Singh
Vice President / Trustee
+91 89688-85564
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Manjeet Singh
+91 98551-89179
Ludhiana Head
+91 96465-50993
Santosh Kaur
+91 89688-85564
Ranjeet Singh
+91 89688-85564